Storm DrainTheory

Perfect shot and escape route through the sewer.
Man hole cover up.  Why was it never mentioned?

At least one of JFK's assassins may have escaped Dealey Plaza through underground sewer lines
Article by Shawn Hamilton: Video: Was There a Shot from the Drains?

Here is a video showing researcher Jack Brazil easily getting in down the Dealy Plaza man hole cover with a shot to Zapruder 315.
Note that the third photo shows a typical city sewer tunnel, but we still need a photo from the Dealey Plaza area.
Mafia hit man John Roselli allegedly claimed to be the gunman firing from the storm drain, acting on orders of
kingpin Sam Giancana.  In 1976, Roselli was found dead, mutiliated and drowned in an oil drum which surfaced.

Google Street View
directions from Dealey Plaza to sewer tunnel exit
near the corner of South Riverfront Boulevard and Reunion Boulevard

Tunnel exits near the Trinity River

Even if this was not the spot from which the fatal shot was fired,
it could have been, and should have been covered and investigated.
Why have most people never even heard of this obvious possibility?

Fence by the Grassy Knoll